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Our Vision


There is an old Buddhist tale about The Blind Men & The Elephant, which provides our vision of why exactly agorabora came to be founded. A king invited the blind men into his palace, where an elephant rests in front of his throne. He instructs the blind men to feel the part of the elephant nearest to them and asks,

"Well, blind man, have you seen the elephant? Tell me, what sort of thing is an elephant?"

The First approached the elephant and happened to fall against his side, exclaiming that it felt very much like a Wall. The Second, feeling the tusk, said that it was clear that an elephant is nothing but a Spear. The Third, pressing the elephants trunk against his face, thought it might be a giant Snake. The Fourth reached out his hand, feeling the elephants knee, confidently proclaiming, "Indeed, this elephant must be a Tree!" The Fifth shook the elephant by the ear, and after holding it in his hand, wondered if it might be a fan. The Sixth, grabbing the elephant by the tail, decided that it must be a rope. The blind men could not agree with one another and began quarrelling when the king explained,

"All of you are right. The reason that the elephant appears differently to every one of you is because each one of you touched a different part of the elephant. The elephant has all of the features that have been said."

This story is so powerful because it shows how dangerous and confusing our world can be without communication, collaboration, and courtesy. Had the blind men taken the time to consider one another's experiences, they would have realized that each others' conflicting views were actually complementary ones. There would be no need for the king at all. In coming together to know the size and shape of the elephant, they could have seen that there was nothing that they could not know.

For those blind men who have come together, to see those greater things, their gift is not simply to know and to recall the images that they've come across, but to face the unknown, and to move gracefully through it. By strengthening their ability, as a community, to walk through unknown territory, consciously and in support of one another, they would have created a greater story of humanity than that of The Blind Men & The Elephant.

Just like each of the blind men in the story, every one of us holds a valuable piece of something much greater and more powerful than any of us can ever imagine. Only by coming together, and acting as a community, will we actualize our full potential.

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