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Our Mission

Empowering people to break down the barriers between making a living and living in community.


agorabora Collaborative Community Co-operative is a non-profit community services enterprise, founded for the benefit of those who are and will be wherever our projects may be found. The purpose of the agorabora co-operative is to propagate a culture of respect and responsibility while creating a robust Open Community; connecting with individuals who share the values of Accountability, Collaboration, Transparency, and Solidarity.







The ancient Greeks named their magnificent city-states after the Polis, the body of citizens, composing the full social life of humans in the three sectors called Community, Government, and Markets. The word community stems from the Latin word communitas (cum "together" + munus "gift"); literally, the sharing of gifts. Communities share their intentions, beliefs, wants, needs, fears and hopes as a means for people to reach their aspirations and shape their identities. agorabora is named in recognition of the Greek Agora - the nexus of public life that acted as a gathering place for political participation and an economic hub for the exchange of goods. agorabora impacts the domains where the spheres of Government + Community (Civic Courage) and the spheres of Markets + Community (Social Capital) intersect. agorabora helps individuals bridge the gap between knowing what, and knowing how.


"The context that restores community is one of possibility, generosity, and gifts ..." - Peter Block


Civic Courage is someone's willingness to speak truth to power. Standing by our convictions can be intimidating in many situations, and agorabora aims to cultivate safe spaces for people to explore, meet, discuss, reflect, and evolve concepts while having their ideas acknowledged. People tend to use the same words but speak different languages, and we will be focusing on the value of consensus-building in strengthening social cohesion throughout communities.

Social Capital is an intangible resource that is generated through the shared norms and mutual acquaintance of people in reciprocal networks. Social capital takes root in the relationships we have with people who make us smile and laugh; it is the energy that catalyzes our collective action into the manifestation of our skills and talents.

Seedstock is the first project initiated by agorabora, connecting the communities of people, businesses, and organisations that feed us, create for us, and heal us. Seedstock imbues social capital into money, forging a community currency of our own.


Brought to you by Agorabora
Empowering people to break down the barriers
between making a living and living in community.