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Currencies are woven from the communities of people, businesses and organisations that use them. Become part of the Seedstock fabric!

Individual Changemakers

If you do not have a business of your own, you still have a very important role to play as a user of Seedstock. You can buy Seedstock from a non-profit organisation that has received some as a donation from participating businesses, making a positive impact on your community without losing spending power in local businesses. Or, you may work or volunteer for a business or non-profit organisation that pays you bonuses in Seedstock. As an individual, you may even chose to accept Seedstock as payment for goods or services that you produce casually.


Or start changing your world and xchange your money with a non-profit at the xChange Station:


Local businesses play a key role in Seedstock because it is businesses that give Seedstock value by agreeing to accept it as partial payment for their goods and services. By underwriting Seedstock, businesses get to create money they didn't know that they had and use it to seed positive change in their communities. Local businesses win big with Seedstock, because by accepting Seedstock, they can attract more valuable customers without resorting to discounts.

Help spread the word!


Tell your friends, tell your favourite local businesses, share our website on Facebook, tweet about Seedstock, blog about Seedstock! The more people know about Seedstock, the bigger the impact it will have on our communities!


Join the team!

Are you passionate about building community and effecting real change in our society and the way it uses money and resources?

Do you have skills in organisation, communication, graphics, video, animation, technology, education, marketing, business or any other skill that you believe can make a positive contribution to the development of the Seedstock project?

If so, please get in touch with us at to find out how you can join the Seedstock Project Team!

Please note that we are not seeking volunteers: all contributions are valued and will be compensated from future revenues to the project. There are opportunities to work on the Seedstock Project both in the short term and in the longer term.

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