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Get involved!

Meaningful volunteer positions abound in building a more resilient, connected local economy.


***UPDATE!  Seedstock is honoured to be chosen as one of the non-profits offering volunteer positions at the upcoming TIMERAISER event, Thursday May 8, 2014***


Bid Time on Art and Support Great Causes. Artists get paid. Nonprofits connect to skilled volunteers. Skilled people put their time to good use. And, y’know, fun! 

Timeraiser is a volunteer matching and silent art auction evening with a twist- rather than bid money on artwork, participants bid volunteer hours. Throughout the evening participants meet with nonprofit organizations to find available volunteer opportunities that meet their needs. Once matches are made, the bidding can begin. Winning bidders have 12 months to complete their pledge in order to bring the artwork home as a reminder of their goodwill.

Current opportunities:


Let's face it: Seedstock Community Currency is probably one of the most audacious social enterprises to have been founded in Vancouver since 14 East Van residents got together in 1946 and founded Vancity.

It may seem highly improbable that a small handful of people starting from a shoestring budget could change the way money is created and moves in our communities - and in so doing, change the world. So it must have seemed at the beginning of the credit union movement as well, and yet here we are, 67 years later, and Vancity with its 500,000 members is changing the way financial institutions serve their communities.

This might just be crazy enough to work. Those of us at the core of this project believe in it so much that we have left our full-time jobs and salaries so that we can devote ourselves fully to making this happen, and we could never have come this far without the support of dozens of community members who have contributed their time, their skills, their connections, their moral support and their money to this endeavour.

We need your help. To get Seedstock truly airborn, we need everyone who believes in this project to do what they can to give the project the extra push it needs. We know that there are many people out there who would help if only they knew how, so we have decided to be as transparent as possible about our needs.

Here are the top ways you can help this project reach its full, transformative potential:


1. Use Seedstock.

At the end of the day, thinking that this is a great idea doesn't do much to advance it. We need you to become an active participant in Seedstock today.

As a private individual, you can really help us out by buying Seedstock in support of the project. The great thing about buying Seedstock is that it supports the project, but you still get to use the money at local businesses, so it doesn't cost you anything.  Or visit our online xChange Station and see what other non-profits you can buy Seedstock from.

Better yet, become a monthly xChange Maker and subscribe to a purchase of $20 to $200 worth of Seedstock each month. This way, you'll always have a bit of Seedstock to spend, and we'll have a more stable income from xChange each month so that we can get on with expanding the network of participating businesses.

If you have a business, please get in touch with us to learn more about how you can get involved in a way that costs nothing but can do a lot of good both for your business and local non-profits.

If you are involved with a local non-profit and are wondering how Seedstock can help with fundraising and volunteer rewards, please write to us at

If you happen to have some extra money laying around that you would like to invest in something with far-reaching impacts, please write to us at

2. Lend us your talents!

We can really use help in areas such as:

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Web technology
  • Graphics, animations and videos
  • Project management
  • Event and workshop coordinating
  • Outreach and communications
  • Operational support
  • Research
  • And more!


If you feel a burning desire to help make history and change the world, and have some skills you could contribute in the above or any other imaginable areas, please contact us at It could be the start of an exciting new career and life path!

3. Tell everyone you know about Seedstock.

Tell your friends, family and neighbours, and encourage them to start using it. Tell the business owners you know about it, and put them in touch with us. Know people working in cash-strapped local non-profits? Send them our way! Blog about Seedstock, tweet about it, subscribe to our Facebook page and share posts with your networks. Subscribe to our newsletters and forward them to people you know who may be interested.


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