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Read me: online trading accounts

Seedstock uses the open source, Canada-based Open Money community currencies server for its back-end accounting, online and mobile transaction needs. If an online Seedstock trading account has been created for you, please read this page to learn how your account can be used.


Dear community currency pioneer,


Welcome to your Open Money account, your online access to community currencies recording services. We are excited for you to take part in this budding movement where, together, we will find new ways to create and exchange value in our communities.

The following contains important information about your open money account, particularly as it pertains to Seedstock Community Currency. We thank you for taking a moment to review this information prior to using your account.


DISCLAIMER: The open money community currencies server is a service for keeping records of community currency transactions as filed by its users. The creators and operators of this online service are in no way responsible for any actions associated with transactions performed by its users.

In addition to Seedstock, other community currency networks will establish themselves over time using this same free recording service, and you decide to join one or more of those networks. Just as with any other online network, please exercise caution and due diligence both when you join and when you conduct transactions. Know who you are networking and transacting with. The operators of this service cannot guarantee the stability or good behaviour of any network or individual user of this platform.

Seedstock, on the other hand, in maintained, monitored and managed by agorabora Collaborative Community Co-operative, the British Columbia-based community services co-operative responsible for initiating and developing Seedstock Community Currency.  The validity of Seedstock can be assessed by review of this current list of underwriting business accounts. Seedstock is good money because they say so.  That’s how this works.



By obtaining an open money account, you are on the ground floor of a new type of internet-based network that, one day soon, will be as ubiquitous as email is today. The way in which the open money network works is very similar to how email works.

Every individual has his or her own identity within the system. Think of this identity as your permanent “money address”, very similar to an email address. A money address, just like an email address, consists of two parts: a name and a domain.

Eg. johnsmith.van is the “money address” of a person named John Smith who was granted his address under the .van (Vancouver) domain. bitsnbites.kits might be the money address of a snack bar in Kitsilano granted its address within the smaller neighbourhood domain of Kitsilano. Any other open money user wishing to pay either of these users need only know their “money address”.

The open money domain name system is managed by the Open Money Development Group and will evolve over time into a decentralised registry system much like the internet domain name system.

Each identity (“money address”) may be associated with multiple different currencies, and may also set up multiple different trading accounts, each with its own “money address”. For example, a small business owner may have a trading account for exclusive use by their business, and another for personal use.

Currencies are similarly identified by their short name and their domain. For example, Seedstock’s name on the system is seed.van, because “seed” is the short name for “Seedstock” and it started in the Vancouver domain, .van.


Getting started

For now, there are two different ways to log in depending on what you need to do:

  • An advanced “Settings Login” at Use this login to change account settings including your password, join other currencies, update account information and create new trading accounts.
  • A simplified “Pay & Review” login at, which you can use to make payments and review your balance and transaction history. For a phone-optimised version of this site allowing you to make transactions from anywhere with your internet-enabled mobile device, log in at This will be the login that you will find most useful for day-to-day transactions.


Here’s how to get started:

  1. First, change the temporary password that was emailed to you right away using the Settings login.
  2. To make payments to other users, and see your records, log in at the “Pay & Review” site. This is a very simple page, your “home” page for the community currencies that you take part in.


To make a payment to another user:

  1. Select the trading account and currency you would like to use to make the payment.
  2. Enter a brief description under “for”, the Account ID of the payee under “with”, and the transaction amount under “amount”. Click "Send".
  3. Both you and the payee will see the result immediately recorded in your open money accounts.

Further features coming soon
  • Currencies displays and summaries
  • Search links
  • Create trading accounts
  • Join currencies
  • Download history

Meanwhile, you should use the Settings login to
  • Update contact details, change preferences and password
and also to
  • Create additional trading accounts – kind of like “subaccounts” at your bank. A login account can have several trading accounts in domains where permission is given. Trading account names are free, so not “owned” – and can be withdrawn if suspected to be abused. NO “name squatting” allowed.
  • Join more currencies. Please be judicious about the currencies you join. Who wants you to join, and why?

Open money account holders who want to introduce new currencies, and manage them, should contact the system administration at

Important information for users of Seedstock Community Currency


1 - Your primary currency is known in the Open Money platform as “seed.van”

Seedstock is a business contribution-backed currency, specifically offered to provide all users with access to a dollar value-based system.  1 Seedstock = $1, but this currency is backed, not by cash, but by the goods and services of participating businesses.

In Seedstock only underwriting businesses are permitted to have a negative account balance.  This means all Seedstock in circulation is backed by reputable businesses promising to honour the Seedstock they have issued in part payment for the goods and services they offer.   This enables the beneficiary community groups to invite $:Seedstock exchange at par, and assure that every Seedstock is worth a $ in good places.

If you are not a registered issuing business, your account should never be negative. If you are a registered business, your account should never be further in the negative than your initial issuance agreement with agorabora permits. Seedstock administration will monitor the accounts and resolve any errors in consultation with the accounts concerned.

2 - Getting Seedstock bills

Often, paying by phone or website is inconvenient, so just as you can get cash $ from your bank or at an ATM, you can draw Seedstock bills against your online account.

Right now, in the early days of Seedstock, we can accommodate requests for the withdrawal of paper Seedstock notes from your account by mail (small amounts) or sometimes even by personal delivery, depending on where you live.

We will also be setting up “guerilla xChange stations”  at community events and cafés around Vancouver, where members of the Seedstock team will be available to assist you with your “unbanking” needs and to answer your questions about Seedstock. We will make the locations and times of our “guerilla xChange stations” known on our website, social media and newsletters.

In the meantime, please write to us at to inquire about how to obtain paper Seedstock bills from your account.

In due course, we will be establishing permanent, publicly accessible xChange Stations in businesses, credit unions and other locations in our communities.

3 – Seedstock Harvest Shares and other non-trading currencies

Open money also supports accounting systems that are NOT trading currencies.

For more about the potential applications of non-trading “counting currencies”, please read this:

For instance, some early Seedstock supporters advanced $ to agorabora to help this get started, and all who did have been accounted to hold “Harvest Shares” - which appears on your account as a transaction and balance in “harvest”, in $ units.

The “harvest” accounts are NOT a community currency in the way that “seed.van” IS fully intended as a trading currency.  It is NOT recommended that “harvest” be used as such.

A “harvest” account simply shows the amount of Seedstock that user is due from agorabora, as Seedstock income becomes available to it from the registration of new businesses. Over the next few months, Harvest Shares will be converted into tradable Seedstock in the order in which they were issued, and the “Harvest Shares” certificates provided to supporters will be cancelled. Once your Harvest Shares are converted to Seedstock, we will contact you to let you know.

If you accidentally use “harvest” in a transaction, please contact to reverse your post.

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