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Seedstock goes live!

Finally, the news you've been waiting for: Seedstock is live and beginning to circulate!
Seedstock goes live!

The seed has sprouted!

The seed has sprouted

One year ago, a seed was planted in Vancouver: it was a bold vision of a new grassroots currency, OUR own money, built to serve OUR communities. Money designed to go ‘round in our communities, not continually leak out of them or trickle up to the 1%. Money that would be there when we need it, helping build a stronger and more vibrant local economy, financing the work we care about in our communities, and even - financing our futures. Money that would recognise and reward the value created by local farmers, makers, artists, healers and other businesses that give our communities strength, beauty, character and flavour.


Today, one year later, after a wild and rewarding odyssey that involved dozens of collaborators and hundreds of supporters along the way, we are proud to to announce that that seed has finally sprouted. Seedstock Community Currency is now officially ready to circulate with two dozen pioneering local businesses, 7 registered non-profit beneficiaries and hundreds of people like YOU who have supported us in this dream from the very beginning, and can now partake as Seedstock users. This is a historic day, yet it is only the beginning. In the weeks to come, Seedstock will rapidly expand with more participating businesses, more local causes, more users and more project collaborators. Where will we be a year from today? In part, you will help to decide that, but here’s a hint: the possibilities are endless.


Here’s what you can do right now:

1. Learn more about Seedstock on our website,
2. Purchase Seedstock from local causes on our online xChange Station, where you can help causes you care about with dollars, and get Seedstock in exchange to spend at participating businesses. You can even become an "xChangemaker" by committing to buying some Seedstock every month in support of the project.
3. Take a look at our pioneering participating businesses. These guys are ahead of the curve, showing that they know how to combine sharp business sense with a deep commitment to their local communities and economies. They deserve our support!
4. Do you run a local business? Don’t delay, join the Seedstock network from the ground floor and start reaping the benefits early! Contact us at for more information.
5. Want to help us grow this sprout into a healthy and resilient plant? Find out how you can!


In joyful service,
Paola, Andrew and Jordan on behalf of the entire Seedstock Team


Read our latest newsletter full of exciting Seedstock announcements here!

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