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Where to spend it

Where can I spend my Seedstock?

Seedstock officially launched in November 2012 with a small group of founding businesses that will grow quickly in the weeks and months to come. Seedstock becomes more useful and has a greater positive impact with each new business that joins. If you run a business, please help seed the change by registering your business to participate.

Many more businesses to be added soon as registrations come in, so stay tuned!

Retail (other) Homesteader's Emporium
Homesteader’s Emporium carries everything you need to get started on a variety of home self-sufficiency projects, like growing and preserving your own food, making cheese, keeping chickens, or making soap! Be sure to ask Rick if you're looking for know-how on your own DIY project, and check the Events section of their website to sign up for a workshop to help you develop your urban homesteading skills.

649 East Hastings Street, Vancouver

Pay 25% in Seedstock!
(excluding chicken coops, feed, beekeeping supplies, green coffee beans, consigned handmade cosmetics, books, Bernardin jars, and 3rd party or off-site workshops)

Contact: 604 568 7675,

49.2811766 -123.0903583
Digital Services nonLinear media
Website and Web Application Development

We did the Seedstock site! :)

Contact: 604 254 5115,

49.2796826 -123.0630085
Other Services Business Brain
Formerly Inovizion Consulting, Business Brain will become one of the leading companies participating in the new paradigm of business. The emerging challenges of our times require a more nimble and progressive outlook that links purpose driven companies with the rising activist consumer. Consumers are demanding more than just good products and services. Many want to know that the companies they do business with align with their values and sense of self identity. Plans include a T.V. Show (currently in development), founder Elias Arjan's ongoing seminars, and a new agency that is forming.


Pay up 50% (pre-tax) in Seedstock!

Contact: 1 888 757 1602,

49.2845589 -123.09718
Health and Wellness Emerging Families
Emerging Families supports adults, groups, and young families to gently resolve prenatal, birth and early trauma, both physical and emotional, through therapy and education. Most visits include Craniosacral Therapy, offering perspective and other forms of gentle body work, as well as offering the Family Field healing model, which offers the ability to differentiate unmet needs you may have had as prenates (babies in the womb), and as young babies.


Pay up to 100% (excluding tax) in Seedstock (negotiable)!

Contact: 604 908 1214,

49.2659668 -123.177089
Health and Wellness Ayan Wellness
Wellness products, water filtration and ionization devices. The Ayan Water Team is committed to bringing awareness to the world about the power of water for healing. We believe that a well hydrated body is a healthy body, and that Optimized Ayan Water is a solution to many health epidemics and toxic household environments. We see water as an intelligence, running the whole matrix of life as we human's continue our stories. We have endeavored to learn how this intelligence works, and to bring that information to you through our website and products. Major discovery are being made In the field of water that have groundbreaking implications for our lifestyles, and we endeavour to bring them to you.


Pay up to 30% (before tax) in Seedstock!

Contact: 855-292-6493,

49.317816 -122.7913831
Arts and Entertainment Chindi Nation Needlework Design
Upcycled & remnant textiles used to make useful articles & giving workshops on same


Pay up to 50% (pre-tax) in Seedstock!


49.281692235 -123.107299805
Other Services Apple and Worm Education
Educactional consultants; Moodle Co-op Hosting with 3-tier Tech Support Online Course Design + Support Moodle, Drupal, WordPress Web Design Open Intellectual Property Consulting Google Apps for Education Consulting Permaculture Education Centre

Pay up to 100% (excluding tax) in Seedstock!


49.1481977938 -123.148069382
Digital Services in2it
Web and Visual Design

Pay up to 70% (before tax) in Seedstock!


49.1623997499 -123.125495911
Other Services Cascadia North Permaculture
Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), local markets, garden installations.

Pay up to 50% (pre-tax) in Seedstock!


49.2803484365 -123.044815063
Other Services Gracious Host Events & PR
Event Coordination and Public Relations

Pay up to 50% (pre-tax) in Seedstock!


49.215354511 -122.987480164
Other Services Social Butterfly Club
Online Business Community The Social Butterfly Club has over 4,000 members in the Lower Mainland, and around the world and we are still constantly growing! Members are business professionals and entrepreneurs from a wide range of career fields and expertise between the ages of 20-70 who love to network, explore and grow personally. The purpose of our club is to create connections, provide information and business resources to our members to inspire, and enhance their professional and personal lives.


Pay up to 50% in Seedstock!


49.215578775 -122.974777222
Digital Services Continual Palingenesis - Social media Solutions
We offer personal practical guidance in the basic tools of social media, be it for business or personal reasons, to help you find your own web presence.


Pay up to 50% (pre-tax) in Seedstock!

Contact: 250-792-2874,

49.261226 -123.1139268
Other Services Ramshackle Pictures
Ramshackle Pictures is a film & video production company located in the Gastown neighbourhood of Vancouver, within the Junction media studio. We aim to become a leader in video production for the social & environmental movements; to service the charitable, non-profit, and social-enterprise sectors with heartfelt visual storytelling; to produce engaging multiplatform documentaries; and to inspire our audiences to take conscious, positive action in their lives.

Pay up to 50% (pre-tax) in Seedstock!

Contact: daniel(at), 778-320-8789

49.2628757227 -123.079147339
Arts and Entertainment Willie Works Productions
Performing Arts


Seedstock accepted at 50% for entrance to performances, 25% for any products or retail items sold through the company


49.2752511 -123.1232683
Other Services Power Sourcering
Personal development: Coaching, counselling, psychic counsel


Pay up to 50% (pre-tax) in Seedstock!


49.2698207474 -123.057518005
Digital Services Tricia Edgar Webwriting Services
As a small child, I loved to sit outside and look into the branches of our cherry tree, watching the flowers drift to the ground. As an adult, I play in mud with children, plant flowers and food, and share my enthusiasm for science curriculum, outdoor education, local food and gardening through writing. I bring my experience as an educator to this work. I am a long time outdoor educator, with over 16 years of experience developing outdoor and science education curriculum. I teach all ages, from toddlers to adults. I am also the founder of Fresh Air Learning, a society that brings all seasons outdoor education to young children in the Vancouver area. I am also passionate about starting small and building community, and this translates into my work with small businesses. I work with small businesses to build web content, edit blog posts, and develop newsletters.

Pay up to 50% (pre-tax) in Seedstock!

Contact:, 604-980-6700

49.3478448 -123.0284847
Other Services Home Harvest Farms
Home Harvest Farms makes it simple to grow food anywhere. We’re a social enterprise that designs, builds and sells garden containers and greenhouses of all sizes – tabletop to rooftop. Home Harvest Farms is responding to our pressing food security concerns: we promote Horticultural Literacy and supply systems that are robust, affordable and easy to deploy. Our systems are well suited for use indoors and out.


Pay up to 20% Seedstock (pre-tax) for container farming systems manufactured by Home Harvest Farms. We are able to accept 10% Seedstock on all other accessories and products sold by HHF.

Contact:, 778.235.2990

49.2511141 -123.1147145
Other Services Mortal Coil Media
Photography, documentary production and media design


Pay up to 50% (pre-tax) in Seedstock!


49.24987918 -123.065414429
Digital Services Onwords!
I've raised over $20 million for a wide variety of non-profits in both the US and Canada. To learn more about my work in this area choose Nonprofit Services or Writing Samples from the menu. Over the course of 2013 - I will transition from fundraising work to producing short animated videos for the web - with a continued focus on serving organizations that promote positive social change.

Pay up to 50% (pre-tax) in Seedstock!

Contact:, 604-992-1111

Downtown office: 207 W Hastings Street, Vancouver

49.2828137 -123.1097173
Other Services Sallmen Tutoring
BC Certified teacher with over 15 years teaching/tutoring experience. Patient, caring and effective tutoring. Many excellent references available. Call now and improve your marks today! ** Also specialize in exam preparation such as: BC provincials, SAT, LPI, PCAT, MCAT, TOEFL, IELTS ** **Also offering small group lessons (max. 3 students) at $50/student for a 2 hour session. Group lessons are available on Tuesday evenings near Lougheed Mall.

Pay up to 50% Seedstock (pre-tax) during prime time: Sept. to June: Weekday 3 pm and later; weekends
Pay up to100% Seedstock (pre-tax) during non-prime time: Sept. to June: Weekday before 3 pm; July and August: any time

Contact:, 604-916-6571

49.246246 -122.897231
Other Services Gaiacraft Permaculture Education
Permaculture Design Certificate Courses - Vancouver & Sunshine Coast

Seedstock accepted for 100% of pre-tax sales!


49.424157 -123.64758
Other Services Executive & Personal Assistance by Mimi
I offer a variety of services to offer space and energy to your personal and professional life: Cleaning, Organizing, Administrative Assistance, Social Media, Research, Event production and management , Yoga, Massage and Bodywork, Catering and Service for Private Parties, Wellness and Personal Coaching, and more. Please inquire for full list of qualifications and skills. I would be honored to work with you to assist you with your individual personal and professional needs. Thank you very much.

Pay up to 50% (pre-tax) in Seedstock!

Contact:, 604-786-4370

49.2530042 -123.1153022
Health and Wellness Road to Compassion
Road to Compassion offers Workshops, Courses, Coaching, and Personal Depth Work in Compassionate Communication, Attachment Theory, and Interpersonal Neurobiology.


Pay up to 50% (pre-tax) in Seedstock!

Contact:, 604-442-8811

49.2600996 -123.1556414
Other Services LOCO BC
LOCO BC is working to create a diverse, vibrant local economy by strengthening small and mid-sized businesses. We do this by promoting buy local, by fostering business networking, and by ensuring businesses are on the path to sustainability.


Limited number of memberships available for Seedstock!


49.2750681 -123.0656559
Other Services Dee Gandhi Photography
Capturing photograph of People, Nature and Places in their truest essence.

Pay up to 50% (pre-tax) in Seedstock for photo services only (other products including frames and printed photographs in $Cdn only)

Contact:, 778 323-4463

49.324041 -123.0638091
Other Services Metric Electric
Trusty electrical contractor - licensed to work in Vancouver, North Vancouver and Burnaby.


Pay up to 50% (pre-tax) on labour only.

Contact:, 604-825-8215

49.3072819 -123.0679648
Retail (food) Eternal Abundance Organic Groceries and Vegan Café
More than a grocery store - more than a café: Eternal Abundance sells all organic, local and fair trade produce on the north end of Commercial Drive. Come for your fruits and veggies, stay for the delicious and acclaimed vegan and raw cuisine prepared by their café! On top of all that, Eternal Abundance is a welcoming community hub, hosting many events in the evening ranging from musical performances to cooking classes, poetry slams to presentations.

1025 Commercial Drive, Vancouver

Pay up to 40% (pre-tax) in Seedstock for café and grocery items!

Contact:, (604) 707 0088

49.2754665 -123.0697245
Retail (food) Julie Beyer's For the Love of Food
For the Love of Food is dedicated to answering people's regular questions about how to "Get the GLOW" and integrate healthy into the everyday deliciously. Julie's goal is to discover and share an approach to a whole foods lifestyle where optimal health meets sustainability, meets practicality, meets delicious. Attend her open kitchen hours on the last Wednesday of every month from 5-7pm to find out for yourself - contact Julie for more details.

Attend Julie's open kitchen hours on the last Wednesday of every month from 5-7pm in the Main & Terminal area - contact her for more details!

Pay for up to 20% of your purchase (pre-tax) in Seedstock!

Contact:, 778.288.8770

49.2728716 -123.0999273
Other Services Lush Landscapes Organic Land Care
Organic gardening services, foodscapes, composting, ecological landscaping in East Vancouver

Pay up to 50% (pre-tax) on labour in Seedstock!

Contact: Danny Romaine,, 604 841 9977

49.2713557 -123.0565844
Retail (food) Turtle Island Organic Teas and Herbs
This Vancouver-based company offers the finest loose-leaf, certified organic teas, herbs, spices, nuts and fruits25. Place your order online at

Pay up to 25% (retail and wholesale, pre-tax) with Seedstock!


49.2717412 -123.0695454
Health and Wellness Elements Counselling
Assisting adults who want to heal barriers to cultivating more vitality, deeper intimacy or clarity of direction for more meaning and purpose. Counsellor Dave Waugh.

Office: 2nd Floor, 1892 West Broadway, Vancouver BC

Pay up to 50% (pre-tax) in Seedstock.

Contact: Office 604-739-6053, davewaugh1[at]

49.2637473 -123.1477888
Other Services The InkWell - For spotless copy
Copywriting and editorial services. Specialising in writing and communication in the medical and health fields.

Pay up to 50% in Seedstock, before tax.

Contact:, 604-360-6418

49.2629154 -123.1010423
Health and Wellness Ellen Mitchell, Classical Homeopath
Homeopathic physician. Consultations in your home or hers.

Pay up to 50% in Seedstock for the first appointment, and up to 25% for follow-up appointments (before tax).

Contact:, 604 255 2556

49.2782921 -123.0855123
Health and Wellness Inner Space Yoga - Yoga in the heart of Gastown
Our custom designed double studio is bright, tastefully decorated and sustainably finished with local softwood, reclaimed timber and cork floors. With over 3000 square feet, two yoga rooms, an Infrared Sauna, two treatment rooms and a tea lounge to relax in after class or wellness appointments, Inner Space Yoga is the perfect place to cultivate your inner beauty. Pay half with Seedstock for yoga & pilates classes.

289 Abbott Street, Suite 100 - Vancouver

Seedstock welcomed for up to 50% payment (before tax) for yoga & pilates classes.

Contact:, (604) 689-1331

49.2829848 -123.1067581
Health and Wellness Inner Evolution Center
The Inner Evolution Center is a technology free holistic school for personal growth, empowerment and creativity. Our holistic programs are dedicated toward cultivating human potential. Use Seedstock to attend their Chi Yoga classes or to rent their beautiful space for events and workshops.

3263 Heather Street, Vancouver

Seedstock welcomed for up to 50% payment for Chi Yoga classes and space rentals

Contact: (778) 389-5086,

49.2565296 -123.1201504
Restaurants and Cafes Eternal Abundance Organic Groceries and Vegan Café
More than a grocery store - more than a café: Eternal Abundance sells all organic, local and fair trade produce on the north end of Commercial Drive. Come for your fruits and veggies, stay for the delicious and acclaimed vegan and raw cuisine prepared by their café! On top of all that, Eternal Abundance is a welcoming community hub, hosting many events in the evening ranging from musical performances to cooking classes, poetry slams to presentations.

1025 Commercial Drive, Vancouver

Pay up to 40% (pre-tax) in Seedstock for café and grocery items!



49.2754665 -123.0697245
Arts and Entertainment DJ Briden
Briden has been on the decks for about 10 years now, playing clubs, raves, underground venues, and outdoor events. Over the last 7 years, he's fostered the Stereoshift Collective and collaborated to produce a host of exciting events. The past few years have seen Briden take crowds by storm and become a local underground favorite, by playing a diverse array of sets suited to the particular night.


Briden specializes in all forms of trance, including psychedelic, progressive, full on, tribal, tech house/techno, and everything in between.  He's also been known to drop breakbeat, electro, house, downtempo as the mood of the party dictates.
personal website:

49.269148691 -123.034858704
Retail (food) Yummy Yards Urban CSA
Emi Do of Yummy Yards is one of Metro Vancouver's pioneering urban farmers. We are delighted to announce that Yummy Yards currently has a limited quantity of CSA shares available for up to 25% payment in Seedstock!

Yummy Yards is offering a limited quantity of CSA shares that can be paid with up to 25% Seedstock.

Please see for more information and to buy your share!

49.1956239 -123.1138959
Retail (other) The Soap Dispensary
The Soap Dispensary is a refill store specializing in premium soaps, household cleaners, personal care products and DIY ingredients. Customers can reuse containers to be refilled at our store, keeping single-use plastic packaging out of landfills, watersheds and limited recycling systems.

3623 Main Street, Vancouver

Pay with up to 25% Seedstock, before taxes!

Contact:, 604.568.3141

49.2524812 -123.1011378
Health and Wellness Evolutionary Life Architecture
Evolutionary Life Architecture focuses on holistic health and empowerment through the lens of ecological communion. Offering Vitality Engineering, consultation, and forest adventure workshops into local ecosystems to learn cutting edge practices, creating your own wild-crafted medicinal tonic mushrooms, and also wild-crafted superfoods. Accepting 50% Seedstock for workshops and consultation. 25% for sustainably harvested wild-crafted medicinal mushrooms.

49.3029641662 -122.765007019
Other Services Second Growth Landscape Design
Second Growth Landscape Design does lawn care and landscaping . We do everything from mowing lawns, weeding gardens, trimming hedges to full design and installations. Give us a call for a free quote. We'll stop by and give you a price for the initial lawn service and scheduled lawn maintenance. We'll provide you with advice on fertilization, aeration, and irrigation as well. Just give us a call! 604-771-1476

Accepting 100% payment in Seedstock for lawn cutting!

Other services accept 25-50% Seedstock as per quote.

49.2335165981 -123.128242493
Other Services Co-Design Coaching & Consulting Services
Co-Design offers coaching, consulting and facilitation to socially innovative non-profit organizations, ethical businesses, and teams whose goals are to be of service to the community. Services include one-on-one and team coaching, visioning and strategic planning, project development, team building, conflict resolution, and other organizational development goals. Sliding scales are available to non-profits, 50% of fees are accepted in Seedstock Community Currency.

To find out more about Co-design services and for a free consultation, please email Amanda at or 604-442-3913 or visit

49.2731808923 -123.102149963
Arts and Entertainment Funmastars Circus
Lise Paquette of Funmastars Circus has been a professional merry-making musical clown for over 25 years. Add a splash of fun to your next event with fabulous facepainting, magic shows, musical parades, balloon sculptures and more! 50/50 revenue sharing opportunities available.

Up to 50% payment in Seedstock (before tax) welcomed!

Contact: Lise Paquette,

49.261226 -123.1139268
Other Services The Grass is Greener Lawn and Landscaping
Vancouver's first solar powered yard care company. Organic lawn and garden care without producing any emissions!

Full service lawn and yard care for residential, stratas and commercial properties.  For a free quote contact 604-789-9234.

The Grass is Greener is a proud supporter of The Potluck Cafe Society and Fresh Roots Urban Farm Society.

Accepting Seedstock for 50% payment (before tax)


49.2765233094 -123.154093623
Other Services SME Strategy
Vancouver management consulting and strategic business planning, adding specialized knowledge and providing an outside perspective.

Pay up to 50% (pre-tax) in Seedstock!

Contact: Anthony Taylor, anthony(at)smestrategy(dot)net, 778-895-5446

49.282105 -123.107792
Other Services Dhahan Law
Legal services

Jordana Dhahan is a litigator and solicitor in Metro Vancouver. While having a general practice, she also seeks to promote social and political change by working with clients who are on the fringe, facing constitutional rights issues, embarking on uncharted legal territory or engaging in socially progressive, alternative or green activities. She offers a unique approach to the law practice by tailoring services, meeting locations, hours and billing structures to client needs. Jordana is also interested in civic engagement and social change generally. As founder and president of House of Citizens Society, she is developing an online platform to facilitate citizen involvement in proposed legislation. Jordana is a member of the Golden Key International Honour Society and Mensa Canada.

Contact: Jordana Dhahan,, 604-375-9976

Pay up to 50% in Seedstock (before tax)!

49.2480862849 -123.177337646
Other Services Higgin's Inn
Create an adventure or sit in the sun. Higgin's Inn has three suites for guest accommodations. 1, 2 and 3 bedroom all with full kitchens. Located just south of Powell River British Columbia on the famous Sunshine Coast.

10150 Douglas Bay Rd, Powell River

Pay up to 50% in Seedstock for rooms booked in advance online.

Book their Event Centre for up to 100% Seedstock!

49.7733592 -124.3866742

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